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2014: KlaXson

On Tuesday, July 9th 2013, after a growing desire to start tap dancing following the obsession I had for old American musicals, I was starting lessons with ‘the King of the Tap’ Pierre Hobson whose school KlaXson is specialized in the Hoofing New York Style of tap dance, the most difficult one according to him, who was also quite a phenomenon himself.

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2013: Académie de Danse d’Outremont

On August 17th 2012, I was moving to Montreal, and a few days later, I was starting my second year of high school in literature called Première Littéraire in French at Collège Stanislas. I soon wanted to take amateur dance classes again as an after-school activity, and I chose the dance school right next to where I was studying, the Académie de Danse d’Outremont, where I registered with a classmate for modern-jazz lessons on Tuesday nights (which I quickly gave up) and advanced ballet and pointe shoes lessons. The level of difficulty seemed a bit higher to me than that of my classes in France, but my professor Loïc Stafford Richard was excellent in addition to being talented and extremely sweet.

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