2013: Académie de Danse d’Outremont

Démonstrations publiques

On August 17th 2012, I was moving to Montreal, and a few days later, I was starting my second year of high school in literature called Première Littéraire in French at Collège Stanislas. I soon wanted to take amateur dance classes again as an after-school activity, and I chose the dance school right next to where I was studying, the Académie de Danse d’Outremont, where I registered with a classmate for modern-jazz lessons on Tuesday nights (which I quickly gave up) and advanced ballet and pointe shoes lessons. The level of difficulty seemed a bit higher to me than that of my classes in France, but my professor Loïc Stafford Richard was excellent in addition to being talented and extremely sweet.

A first public presentation in front of the parents inside the studio took place in late 2012. What I have kept here are extracts from the public presentation at the end of the year, which took place at the Théâtre Outremont on May 26th 2013, the last presentation of the day for the school. I believe in fate, except for when I write.

Catherine Allen, Catherine Bernard, Danielle Martin, Margaux Soumoy, and Anna Laurence Vincent

Catherine Bernard and Margaux Soumoy

I have had great pleasure doing this last simpler show, which was the conclusion of thirteen consecutive years of ballet which I have not tried out again lately. I had tried three times to enroll in ballet classes again, but I quickly gave up, realizing the level of difficulty was too high and I wasn’t flexible enough. Obviously, we never know what the future has in store for us. Thirteen years of wonderful memories and zero regrets!



Direction: Irène Galesso

Clerk agents: Isabelle Chouinard, Noria Belamri (intern)

Assistants: Bérengère Baldini, Camille Beaulieu-Desjarlais, Zahra Bensaddek, Myriam Boileau, Florence Dubois, Magali Goblot, Emmanuelle Houdoul, Maryse Ishak, Éléonore Lussier-Thuot, Valentine Mandel, Alessandra Marré, Axelle Rabasa-Lhoret


Crew / Sound lighting / Théâtre Outremont crew / Stage control: Irène Galesso

Technical director: Michel Fournier

Room director: Marie-Pascale Bleau

Art director: Raymond Cloutier

Théâtre Outremont

Music and editing: Jean-François Auclair-Classe 3

Photos: Carole Thériault-Pouf Production

Video: Florent Couillard-PC177 media

Program: Noria Belamri, Isabelle Chouinard, Irène Galesso

Posters: Lydia Lyonnais

Théâtre Outremont

Maison des Jeunes Outremont

Marc-André Durocher, Marie Hélène Comeau, Carole Thériault

Partners: Centre Communautaire Intergénérationnel, Théâtre Outremont


Organization and management: Catherine Murray

Key positions and security: Catherine Bernard, Dominique Berrardelli, Ona Catalina Gonzalez, Yann Chausse, Isabelle Chouinard, Annie Laroche, Yvan Leclerc, Ariane Lussier, Danielle Martin, Marie-Hélène Murray, Laure Salvert, Marjolaine Séguin, Annie Thibodeau


Cameras: Liette Robitaille, Nicole Guillaume, Pierre Robitaille

Direction: Florent Couillard