2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

2012: oh ! Cinéma

“I feel stunning and entrancing

Feel like running and dancing for joy

For I’m loved by a pretty, wonderful boy”

– “I Feel Pretty” (Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Stondheim, West Side Story, 1960)

Here is the eighth and last amateur dance show I have done with the school Art et Mouvement on June 22nd and 23rd 2012 at the Espace Rive Gauche in Mériel not so long before I moved to Montreal. This show’s theme was cinema with a focus on old musicals.

By pure chance this time, my obsession for old cinema, and especially for old American musicals, began just a couple of days before the theme of the show was announced. That could not have been a better choice! Having become a recent admirer of the film The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming, 1939) and Judy Garland, I would have preferred to dance on this part of the show, but I was given the chance to discover West Side Story (Jerome Robbins, 1961), which is quite good. I was not a Natalie Wood admirer yet but I had already fallen in love with the musical soundtrack of the film!

It is mostly the theme that makes me like this show a lot, and which has a special place among my memories. I believe in fate, except for when I write. Choosing to include the musical soundtracks of all the films would have been greater, but to end on a positive note, the lightings for this show were exceptionally nice and dynamic compared to the other ones.

This show concludes twelve wonderful years with Delphine Mollot and Art et Movement during which I have grown learning to appreciate the beauty of dance!

And five years later, ironically or so, I was on the phone with the spouse of the star of West Side Story!