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The Horrifically Real Virtuality (Marie Jourdren, 2018)

The Horrifically Real Virtuality, presented by Phi as a Canadian premiere, invites you on set of a new film by Ed Wood (the worst filmmaker of all time!). Created by DVgroup and directed by Marie Jourdren, the immersive drama invites the viewer to explore a new narrative genre, an artistic and technological innovation. It allows the public to evolve in a virtual environment while interacting physically and in real time with characters and material objects. After, the experience continues with an immersion in the amazing universe of Ed Wood, thanks to a scenography imagined by Phi.

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2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

It is from the school year 2004-2005 that I decided to take jazz dance classes, in addition to the ballet classes I was already taking in the same school. A new dance style that I sincerely did enjoy! A lot of classes like mine were offering lessons for two levels at once. Indeed, at the end of each year, we either joined the upper level or not. I remember having to switch between levels frequently and be with either older or younger dancers.

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