2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

2005: Présentation sur scène

It is from the school year 2004-2005 that I decided to take jazz dance classes, in addition to the ballet classes I was already taking in the same school. A new dance style that I sincerely did enjoy! A lot of classes like mine were offering lessons for two levels at once. Indeed, at the end of each year, we either joined the upper level or not. I remember having to switch between levels frequently and be with either older or younger dancers. 

The end of that year was celebrated by a simple but efficient on-stage presentation of all the classes and dance styles of the school on June 19th 2005 at the Espace Rive Gauche in Mériel, during which the dancers were also the spectators themselves in the theater for the most part!

The URSS in musical culture

When Generation Y meets Generation X in music.

I enjoyed the shows because the mise-en-scène and continuity were emphasized, however, on-stage presentations were just as interesting for they displayed the different dance styles taught in the school! Thanks to Bernard Legon, I was able to watch for the very first time, fifteen years later, the 2005 presentation, which I had never kept a single memory of, nor a photo, and even though the choreographies were dynamic and enjoyable, they were not always very well executed, and the whole thing was not as strict as usual I thought, even concerning the outfits and attitudes. Why on earth do we all have sleepy faces? Well, to give it a positive aspect, with this video, I was able to discover other works by Dmitri Shostakovich thanks to Delphine’s wonderful musical ear, and I think he is going to become one of my favorite composers!

I believe in fate, except for when I write.


Head image: geralt on Pixabay

Video of the présentation / Thanks: Bernard Legon