Art hypnosis

There starts a new era for the culture of the human mind, and for the rise of its artistic part which consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously hides within each human psyche. One man wanted to catch the purity left in Humans nowadays: one screenshot of what nature offers us, first for the eyes, then, eventually, for conducted actions personally justifiable or not (depending on the individual’s morals, or at least, on the group of individuals’), and finally, for artistic as well as media inspiration (the one that cannot go unnoticed), faces of babies and children whose innocence has yet to be alienated, faces of grown-ups all the more ready to pursue their individuality in a dignified way, a respectable oration that is done of the technological advance of our era, which is the blatant proof of the modern human being’s uniqueness and obsession to always want more. By the way, rare are the moments when, at least, two human beings are being together, because we never truly are. We are brought into this world alone, we die the same way, we do spend our life with only one person: ourselves. A landscape, A face, A shot… A particular feeling for A spectator at A precise moment, A connection made, then A general and unique opinion for that same spectator. All the human beings make A world, but that world isn’t A world, but THE world for the billions of actors who feel it, and are forced to live with it. Why does the fundamental state of cinema, or things in general, now seem boring as hell for the one who has always been used to wanting more? Why can’t we rejoice for the natural, joyous, and rich experience of life? The human ego does not change. It hurts, and remains a mystery, but without it, we may not even exist. Think about it. This man addresses the purity of soul within each and every one of us, if we simply give it a chance to escape for a while, or enough time to witness a rewarding artistic experience for the eyes, the mind, and the heart. Take the time to watch, to admire, to think, and to love the human nature for what it offers you personally, for the unique piece it turns you into, not for what it refuses you to sometimes offer that lack to somebody else.

20-22 OMEGA (Thierry Loa, 2018)


The film (the first of an upcoming series) will be available in Montreal theaters throughout 2019. By the 8th of February, it will be at the Cinémathèque québécoise!


Author: Margaux Soumoy



Used with permission from Thierry Loa