2000-2012: Sixth Art and Movement

2008: Tout conte fait

"Cinderella will forever stay one of the greatest animated films by Disney. Cinderella’s 
dream: to flee her poor fate. Thanks to the help of her little friends, Jac and Gus, but also of her fairy godmother. Cinderella is among those masterpieces and rare unforgettable 
stories that will continue to be alive through the generations. Add to that the brilliant 
imagination of Disney and you will understand why Cinderella is and will remain that 
irreplaceable classic."

Summary from my VHS of Cinderella (Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske, 1950)

June 1st, 7th, and 8th 2008 were the dates of Art et Mouvement’s end-of-the-year show Tout conte fait at the Espace Rive Gauche in Meriel, which also celebrated the tenth anniversary of the creation of the school.

The anniversary of the school meant that the show was going to be bigger, with more impressive mise-en-scène, settings, costumes than the usual end-of-the-year shows, and which would be played three times instead of two or one! Sergueï Prokofiev’s art piece was the musical choice, to which some modern musical numbers were added to tell the story of Cinderella.

This show is definitively one of my favorite with its beautiful mise-en-scène, its special atmosphere, and my horse costume which I found the nicest, and which I was so proud to wear! For once, we were telling a story, and we were playing characters. The lights, settings, costumes, and accessories were gorgeous, and the choreographies certainly made our emotions come out during each scene!

As some people around me and myself defend it, it is better to be a good amateur than a bad professional! I believe in fate, except for when I write.

Catch you next week!


Choreography, musical research and mise-en-scène: Delphine Mollot

Musical paging: Benjamin Caillaud, Stéphane Reichart

Sound control: Cédric Verrière

Light control: Alain Mull

Stage control: Christophe Mollot, Michel Favre

Settings (research/creation/making-of/setting): Jacques Mollot, Alain Mull, Cédric Verrière, Delphine Mollot

Video creators (Screened video and DVD of the show): Catherine Legon, Bernard Legon

Projectionist: Olivier Spinelli

Graphical conception (poster and program): Coralie Lecocq

Photographer: Reflet Photo (Viarmes) tél.

Costumes (research/creation/making-of): Catherine Mollot with the help of Mrs Heuret, De Gassowski, Chardin, Gonzales, Goubet, Mary, Rousseau, Bettan, Schmitt, Geste, Peltot and the Atelier couture Femmes Actives in St Denis